Alva Skog

Alva Skog is an illustrator from Stockholm, Sweden who expresses and questions ideas and ideals such as inequality and gender identity through their illustration work.

Work with - Alva Skog


Alva Skog and KITCHEN for The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Project by Alva SkogKITCHEN

New York Times Holiday Books

An annual seasonal feature.

Project by Alva Skog

Billie's Snow White

Progressive razor brand Billie asked Alva Skog to illustrate their modern interpretation of the classic fairytale

Project by Alva Skog


Transforming the impact of human generosity

Project by Alva Skog

Selfridges Project Ocean

Alva Skog's Selfridges campaign for World Oceans Day

Project by Alva SkogKITCHEN

Meet the creators 'Behind the Mac'

A tour of the UK's creative scene.

Project by Alva Skog

WeTransfer's interface

By creatives for creatives.

Project by Alva SkogKITCHEN

Chelsea FC 'The Boys In Blue'

Godzilla-sized footballers take over London.

Project by Alva Skog

Cartoon Network 'Drawn To...' PRIDE

Bright and bold illustrations for Pride Month.

Project by Alva Skog

The New Yorker

Spring Preview Illustrations

Project by Alva Skog

Coca-Cola 'Empathy Gap' campaign

Can, packaging and animation designs.

Project by Alva Skog

The New York Times

'Uber but for Xi Jinping' editorial illustration

Project by Alva Skog

Truly Flavour Drop

Limited edition collection of flavour-inspired packaging.

Project by Alva SkogJames Dawe

Ones To Watch

Alva Skog creates portraits for It's Nice That's 'Ones To Watch'

Project by Alva Skog

The Guardian

Cover and inside feature for The Guardian, G2.

Project by Alva Skog