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Mariana Rodrigues

Bombay Sapphire: A Gin of Ten Journeys

Adobe Stock Summer of Love

Mariana Rodrigues has teamed up with Adobe UK to celebrate and pay homage to 50 years of Summer of Love


Heart Pattern

Summer Solstice

Self initiated piece about the Summer Solstice

Nespresso Cradle Packaging - Robusta Uganda

Nespresso Cradle Packaging - Arabica Ethiopia Harrar

Nespresso - Shopping Bags

The ABC of Nature - letter L

Self-initiated series of 26 illustrations based on a letter of the alphabet, using elements from nature whose name starts with that letter.

Tropical Tale

Wallpaper artwork

Bombay Sapphire Birds

Bombay Sapphire Insects

Honey Jar

Self initiated artwork

How to Grow - Orion Publishing

Jungle Pattern

Fauna and Flora Pattern

Floral Paradise Pattern

Anura Araneae


Golden Garden

Flamingo Bottles

Mock up of bottle wraps from Flamingo print artwork

Japanese Soap

Mock up packaging from pattern artwork


Body 2

Music for the eyes - Air, Mer Du Japon

 Music for the eyes is a visual exploration of what a certain song represents to Mariana.


Bangkok Floating Market

Artist biography

Mariana studied communication design at ESAD College of Art and Design Matosinhos, Portugal, and worked as a graphic designer before becoming a full-time illustrator in London. Her style is based on deconstructing things — often nature — and reassembling them into a new, imaginary whole. She loves intricate patterns and symmetry. Her illustrations are created by a combination of techniques: pencil, ink, watercolour, digital manipulation and digital colouring are just some of them. She has worked with AMV BBDO for Bombay Sapphire, Patrick Watson, Country Living, Vogue Japan and Work Club for Original Source.