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Steven Bonner

Audi quattro

Head and Shoulders

Audi - Music

Audi - Berlin



Just do it

High Ordinary

Little Shadows

Ballantines 6

Net Magazine




You Need to Hear This

Laser cut table top design with plug in headphones for Philips with Ogilvy & Mather

Art print

Ballantines 1

Ballantines 5

Ballantines 2

Ballantines 4


Cover for D8's promotional magazine - Volume 7

Ministry of Sound

Series of Ministry of Sound bank notes for promotional campaign

Artist biography

Steven Bonner is a typography expert. He made the move to illustration after a decade in the design industry. His roots are planted in clean vector lines with subtle hints of texture which add a contemporary airbrushed feel. His fine typography and lettering has been commisioned by the New York Times, Diesel, Harper Collins, Penguin, Cadbury and Coca-Cola.