Design Lad

An illustrator & animation director with a unique sense of character, colour and playfulness. His signature style is bright, bold, and playful and his quirky sense of CGI character and environment design is unmistakably unique.

Work with - Design Lad

Dunkin’ Donuts Christmas

A characterful campaign for South Korea

Project by Design Lad

Nestle x Now TV Promotional TVC

A series of TVCs to promote NOW TV and Nestle's collaborative promo.

Project by Design Lad

Virgin Mobile 'Hothouse'

Design Lad & KITCHEN co-direct Virgin’s red hot deals in this TVC.

Project by Design LadKITCHEN

Nike Kids

Leanne Rule, Eva Cremers and Design Lad bring the creative imagination of kids to life in their illustrations for Nike Kids' PLAYlab 🎾

Plant Power

Design Lad celebrates the power of plants

Project by Design Lad