Eva Cremers

Eva Cremers is a 3D illustrator from The Netherlands whose style is continuously and consistently fun. Her playful, graphic CGI style combines with her unique design sensibility to create characters with charm.

Work with - Eva Cremers

Baskin Robbins Christmas Campaign

Eva Cremers helps multi-national ice cream and cake chain Baskin Robbins launch their huge Christmas campaign in Korea

Project by Eva Cremers

Nike Kids

Leanne Rule, Eva Cremers and Design Lad bring the creative imagination of kids to life in their illustrations for Nike Kids' PLAYlab 🎾

Unusual Parents, Usual Parenting

An animated TVC with Wieden+Kennedy Portland for Fisher Price

Project by Eva Cremers


Listen to the happiness.

Project by Eva Cremers

eos: Describing the Indescribable...

The (almost) indescribable feeling of awesome at work.

Project by Eva Cremers

Fisher-Price with Vogue Italia

Turning toys into works of art.

Project by Eva Cremers

Harbour City 'Christmas Club'

Turning CGI characters into fibreglass sculptures.

Project by Eva Cremers

Nike 'Cage 2 Carnaby shoe'

A one-of-a-kind digital experience.

Project by Eva Cremers

Redoxon 'Immune Support'

Immunity... but not from everything.

Project by Eva Cremers