Face37 is the studio of Rick Banks, one of the world’s most exciting & distinguished designers, art directors & typographers, who has helped to create some of the world’s most loved brands. With a specialism in custom fonts, Rick’s desire to execute good ideas provides the foundation of Face37’s design process.

Work with - Face37


A custom brand font for the American footwear giant.

Project by Face37


A custom brand font.

Project by Face37

Quid Pro Sans

Transforming Trump’s handwriting to a usable typeface.

Project by Face37

Stella Artois 'The Life Artois'

Art not advertising

Face37: Sizzle

Font showcase from Face37

Project by Face37

F37 Wicklow

Taking inspiration from Gaelic letter carvings.

Project by Face37

Football Type 2

Celebrating the history of football and typography.

Project by Face37

Cow & Gate custom brand font

A soft, friendly, rounded sans-serif in four weights.

Project by Face37

Wahaca Font

Bespoke font designed with Withstudio for Wahaca rebrand.

Project by Face37


Face37 creates Moonpig's playful new logotype and custom font.

Project by Face37

British Heart Foundation

Face37's flowing font for the British Heart Foundation.

Project by Face37

Pizza Pilgrims Font

Face37 gives Pizza Pilgrims a brand refresh and custom font.

Project by Face37


Bespoke font by Face37 for Spectra

Project by Face37