Our Next Generation of Creative Talent

One of Jelly’s core beliefs has always been our passion and dedication in supporting creators that are starting out on their career path.

Using our renowned eye for spotting talent, Futures looks for the best fresh talent and offers them a route to a commercial art career with the reassurance of management by our trusted experience.

As such, we are involved with organisations such as D&AD, alongside individual Colleges and Universities and we continually support the field of arts within education whenever we can. We recognise that talent can be found anywhere and that formal training isn’t the only way into our industry and we believe that promising new talent comes from any background regardless of experience.

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Our Approach

Our aim is to help develop and fine-tune the skills of our Futures talent to make them ready to take on high-calibre commercial projects. We work alongside them to guide their output and help them find the right space within the industry for both their own practice and commercial work.

If you would like to contact us about representation please get in touch on submission@jellylondon.com.

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