Justin Poulter

Justin Poulter is an illustrator and designer with 13 years of experience creating visuals for some of the worlds biggest brands. He has worked with highly lauded studios, in both in Cape Town and London, taking the lead on art and design direction for branding, animation and advertising projects. 

Work with - Justin Poulter

Naked Noodle 'Slurp Loud and Proud'

For the bold and the brave.

Project by Justin PoulterKITCHEN

Cadbury Brunch Bar

Tasty type for Cadbury.

Project by Justin Poulter

Johnnie Walker Blue Label

A unique illustration for a limited edition whiskey.

Project by Justin Poulter

Levi's Pride Poster

Poster design for Levi's Pride Event

Project by Justin Poulter

Costa Coffee Club

Celebrating lifted lockdown measures.

Project by Justin Poulter

Staycation Nation

Postcards from home.

Project by Justin Poulter

Danone - Light & Free by Artists

Justin Poulter creates colourful illustrations for Danone's Light and Free by Artists range.

Project by Justin Poulter

Tostitos Packaging

Justin Poulter designs packaging illustrations for Tostitos

Project by Justin Poulter