Kelly Anna

Kelly Anna is a multimedia designer known for her signature bold & confident figurative works. Throughout her body of works there is a strong theme of female empowerment and powerful slogans. Her prolific output has earned her clients such Nike, Stylist and Bombay Sapphire.

Work with - Kelly Anna


Galaxy marks its packaging refresh with a fashion-focused campaign.

Project by Kelly Anna

It's Nice That x Dropbox

Kelly Anna collaborates with Josie Tucker to create a zine for It's Nice That x Dropbox.

Project by Kelly Anna

Beautiful Ruins

Kelly Anna's cover of 'Beautiful Ruins' for Penguin Books

Project by Kelly Anna

Levi's Patches

Kelly Anna and Marylou Faure create illustrations for the release of Levi's new summer patches

Bloomingdales - 'Good for the Globe'

Kelly Anna and Everybody.World collaborate to design a vibrant eco-conscious range for Bloomingdales.

Project by Kelly Anna

Nike Free Rn

Kelly Anna designs Nike Free Rns

Project by Kelly Anna


Kelly Anna designs the Sweet & Salty packaging for Propercorn

Project by Kelly Anna