Kelly Anna

Kelly Anna is a multimedia designer known for her signature bold & confident figurative works. Throughout her body of works there is a strong theme of female empowerment and powerful slogans. Her prolific output has earned her clients such Nike, Stylist and Bombay Sapphire.

Work with - Kelly Anna


'H&M Love For All ft Kelly Anna' for London Pride

Project by Kelly Anna

Bombay Sapphire x HYPEBEAST

Kelly Anna creates a mural for Bombay Sapphire's new cocktail 'The Milestone'

Project by Kelly Anna

Us by Night

Kelly Anna's mural for Us by Night Festival in Antwerp

Project by Kelly Anna

Makers' Residency

Kelly Anna takes part in Wieden+Kennedy's Makers' Residency

Project by Kelly Anna


Kelly Anna's live paintings and installations for Equinox Fitness Club.

Project by Kelly Anna

She Stole the Show

Kelly Anna's first solo exhibition, "SHE STOLE THE SHOW".

Project by Kelly Anna