Kitchen is a creative studio with a passion for imaginative storytelling. Using bold design styles along with dynamic transitions, their direction brings warmth, humour and a feel-good factor whatever the story.

Work with - KITCHEN

Anchors Away!

A stylish new film to launch Spotify’s ‘ANCHOR’ interactive Podcast feature.

Project by KITCHENEstudio Pum


Alva Skog and KITCHEN for The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Project by Alva SkogKITCHEN

Cono Sur - Employee of the Month

Ever seen a Goose wink?

Selfridges Project Ocean

Alva Skog's Selfridges campaign for World Oceans Day

Project by Alva SkogKITCHEN

Naked Noodle 'Slurp Loud and Proud'

For the bold and the brave.

Project by Justin PoulterKITCHEN

Skittles 'Pride'

A sweet and simple message.

Project by BiffKITCHEN

Coke 'Empathy Gap' animations

Out of home and end frame animations.

Project by KITCHEN

Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer

Keeping the Nation's hands clean.

Project by Dan WoodgerKITCHEN

'Crisis' Christmas Campaign

Short film to promote Crisis' services.

Project by KITCHENSteve Scott

Bombay Sapphire 'A Gin of Ten Journeys'

Mariana Rodrigues & KITCHEN worked collaboratively to bring the gin brand's story to life.

Galaxy 'Enchanted Eggs'

Continuous pull through animations through an enchanted forest.

Virgin Mobile 'Hothouse'

Design Lad & KITCHEN co-direct Virgin’s red hot deals in this TVC.

Project by Design LadKITCHEN