An ex-Pixar animation director renowned for his high-end character-based storytelling and CGI technical direction.

Work with - MONARCH

Lacoste 'Christmas'

Bringing the iconic mascot to life in a charming Christmas TVC for the brand's fragrance range.

Project by MONARCH

Kinder 'Invented For All Children'

Featuring a cast of spirited characters, this TVC celebrate the individuality of every child.

Project by MONARCH

'A Dog's Life'

A self-initiated piece exploring a day in the life of man's best friend.

Project by MONARCH

Clarins 'New Year'

A charming and technical character-led spot for the brand's Christmas TVC.

Project by MONARCH

'Christmas Bear'

A festive spot about a little bear who discovers the ultimate tree.

Project by MONARCH

World Cup 'Samba Rooster'

A playful character-led TVC celebrating France's participation in the World Cup.

Project by MONARCH