Home Is Where…

Thursday 2 July 2020

Jelly artists depict home, or what a lack of it might mean, for a T-shirt range raising money for End Youth Homelessness.

Five of our illustrators – Marylou Faure, Tishk Barzanji, Biff, Hannah Warren, and Tom Guilmard – have created artwork for End Youth Homelessness’ #HomeIsWhere campaign. The t-shirts’ proceeds will go to the charity’s housing fund, helping some of the 103,000 young people who faced homelessness last year to move into their own homes.

Each design is distinctive in style, characteristic of the individual illustrators taking part. The artworks depict either what home means to them subjectively, or what it might mean for a young person to not have a place to call home. They are all united “by their message of hope for homeless young people to turn their lives around.”

Guilmard’s design shows the artist’s amorphous character slobbing out comfortably; Barzanji’s piece features his dramatic lighting and stylised architectural settings; while Faure’s stars one of the illustrator’s singular ladies, Alice-in-Wonderland-like in her oversized scale set against the silhouette of a house.

The t-shirt costs £20, the amount it costs End Youth Homelessness to provide a young person with an hour of support from a resettlement professional, who helps them to find a home of their own. End Youth Homelessness brings together local charities to tackle youth homelessness on a national scale, working directly with 30,000 young people who are amongst the most deprived in the UK. The housing fund will provide practical help for young people in finding a home, as well as offering bursary and bond schemes to tackle prohibitive upfront costs.

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Comedians Ed Gamble and James Acaster promoting the t-shirts on their podcast “Off Menu”.