Introducing: Tom Guilmard

Sunday 18 November 2018

We’re excited to announce that illustrator Tom Guilmard has just joined Futures.

We’re excited to announce that illustrator Tom Guilmard has just joined the Jelly family as part of our Futures. Tom’s simple and playful style has attracted the likes of NEON magazine, PULL&BEAR and The Rolling Home. His work has been awarded a D&AD pencil, as well as being featured on sites such as It’s Nice That and Booooooom.

We sat down with Tom to get to know him and his work, and learn why simplicity is key…

So Tom, tell us a bit about yourself, and how you became an illustrator?

I think I became an illustrator by accident, I’ve always been a creative person – making films, animations, drawings, music etc. and studying at Camberwell really encouraged that diverse creative practice but it seemed to be the illustrations that people responded to the most and illustration became the quickest way to get my ideas across.

And how would you describe your style?

I try to keep it as simple as possible – I always ask myself – what’s the least amount of information I need to draw to get this idea across?

Where or who do you find inspiration from?

I find inspiration from everything that is away from art and design. Conversations with people, skating, people watching, TV things like that you know?

What’s been your favourite project so far, and why?

I can’t think of a particular project but my favourite projects are always the ones that involve lots of collaboration. I get excited by other people’s energy and enthusiasm.

Do you work with music on? What’s the very last track you just played… be honest.

I don’t haha but the last song I listened to was Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield while I was eating my breakfast.

The best way to start any day. So what’s your creative process when it comes to illustrating?

It always starts with the idea and then some sort of sketch or list but after that it really depends on the project. I try to switch it up as much as I can because I have a terrible attention span.

What are your favourite things to draw and why

Basketballs – I have no idea why haha

Finally, you’re on a deserted island – what 3 things can you not live without?

Eggs, backgammon , bottled water.