Stina Persson x SHOWStudio

Monday 11 March 2019

After her collaboration with SHOWstudio, Stina spoke to us about the experience of being a guest curator for New York Fashion Week.

What was the brief for this & when were you approached? 
A couple of weeks back I was approached by Bex Cassie from Show Studio, asking if I wanted to be a guest curator during NYFW. Being in the amazing company of Conrad Roset, Unskilled Worker, Ozabu, François Berthould and Kukula, and being able to do my own interpretations was really exciting. That all work were to be original, was another challenge that sparked further interest.

Is this the first time you’ve worked at New York Fashion week?
I’ve been involved in different ways in Stockholm Fashion Week a bunch of times, but this is the first time I’ve worked ar NYFW.

Talk us through the day to day of this project?
I started each day with a cup of coffee (as always), and getting to see the new collections/runway pictures of the day. I chose the looks that inspired me most, and got to work. When trying to nail my interpretation I might do five or twenty do-overs, until I finally get it right. I love when my work looks effortless, so I can’t spend too much time on any single painting, and my bin is filled to the brim by noon by discarded pieces.

Although my fingers are itching for some digital editing, this time I have to accept, and even appreciate, the imperfections.

Is this the first time you’ve worked with SHOWstudio?
Yes, but hopefully not the last! It’s been great.

Were you given much freedom with this?
I was given complete artistic freedom, which was lovely. They’ve been completely open to my vision and ideas.

What was your favourite outfit/look to draw?
I really enjoyed painting the almost architectural feel of The Row, the grungier feel of Eckhaus Latta, and the silhouettes of Mark Jacobs. But all shows had pieces and looks that intrigued be, from prints to make up to styling or shoes.

How many pieces did you create in total?
When this week is over, I think there will be over 40 illustrations. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Check out Stina’s work here.