10 Questions with Matt Johnstone

Wed 29 Aug 2012

Ever wanted to find out more about our artists? Who they idolize? What they listen to when creating their works of art? How they solve brief problems or which brand they'd love to work with?

Well, we did! Which is why we posed 10 questions to our roster of talented illustrators and designers to find out more about what makes them tick!

This week we've interviewed British illustrator, Matt Johnstone:

1. Who are you idols?
Seth MacFarlane, David Attenborough and Arséne Wenger.

Tyres greenpeace

2. What’s your favourite snack whilst working?
Chocolate digestive.

3. What’s your favourite music to work to?
I find I work best listening to audiobooks and podcasts when drawing, Ricky Gervais and other comedy audiobooks are a regular choice, along with the podcasts - The Guardian Football Weekly with James Richardson, Footballistically Arsenal and The Tuesday Club with Alan Davies.

Pit characters

4. What’s the highlight of your career so far?
My drawings were animated by a team of animators for a film illustrating Nokia's environmental initiatives. It was great to be involved in an animation project, work with talented people, see my drawing come alive and I learnt a lot too.

5. What was the most stressful job and how did you resolve the problem?
Half way through the Nokia project my computer got stolen, luckily I had my work backed up but it was annoying to have to sort out getting the insurance money and arranging to buy a new computer when I had work to do!

Olympic sport

6. What’s the best technical discovery for you?
Rotring Isograph pens!

7. Who’s your dream client?
I'd love to work on an animated TV series, I watched a lot of Family Guy when I was at College and would love to be part of something like that, maybe one day!

Brighton map

8. Describe your work in 3 words.
Tea fuelled illustration

9. What’s your favourite decade and why?
The 90's because... I was a lad, Global Hypercolor t-shirts, Euro '96 - England weren't rubbish then, Brit Pop, Soda machines, trainers suddenly had air put into the sole, Sega Mega drives, people weren't constantly on mobile phones.

10. 3 strange facts about you.
1) I once gave myself concussion doing an overhead kick whilst playing football
2) If I wasn't an illustrator my jobs of choice would be a gardener, tree surgeon or professional surf champion
3) I drink peppermint tea