15 jelly folds for neverbland

Thu 13 Dec 2012

Jelly London are ecstatic to collaborate with digital agency NeverBland for their 15 Folds GIF campaign. Our part of the project launched today and you can catch jelly house illustrator, Lauren G’s creation at 15 Folds.

 The idea behind the campaign is that every month NeverBland invite 15 outstanding creatives to make an original GIF in response to one another, each contributor must base their creation on the GIF before, much like Chinese Whispers. The social element of this concept is that users can view the thread and make their own GIF in response to favourites. Jelly followed musicians, ‘The Alpines’ in the thread, whose work represented the idea that ‘nothing ever ends as everything is connected’ through a butterfly. Hence, our GIF response communicates fragility and nature. Lauren chose to title her snowflake GIF, ‘Nature’s chaos coincides with obedience to mathematical law’.  Her work represents pattern formation and the transformation of shapes in space and time. Natural pattern formation is a biological process whereby nature shapes itself by applying structure and symmetry to its most delicate forms. Of course, jelly’s glowing snowflake GIF is both festive and elemental.  Get involved and create your own GIF ‘fold’.