25 Creative 3D Artworks

Tue 24 Apr 2012

This month we are showcasing 25 of our favourite examples of creative 3D artwork. You may be surprised to know that 3D was our most searched style of 2011, shadowing other popular styles like hand drawn and 2D. In the last 9 months, our 3D talent has grown considerably! We currently represent six artists and creative teams with incredible work that crosses the boundaries of illustration, lettering, motion:- Job, Joris & Marieke, Kineticmesh 3D, Plenty, Poked Studio, Steven Bonner, and Pseudonym. kineticmesh 3d: creative Contrary to popular belief, 3D is the most flexible format for experimenting, character development and cross-media campaigns. The medium allows for an infinite range of texture and lighting techniques, without the need for a shoot; you can produce realistic renders of objects and animals, plus the flexibility to rotate and re-position, without having to draw new artwork. If you're considering animation for TV or online, working in 3D eases the transition from still to moving. If your project requires a 3D-touch, and you’d like to find out more about our artists or receive a full portfolio (either by email or we’ll visit your office!) please get in touch with Hulya or Layla on +44 (0) 207 323 3307 steven bonner: hello poked studio: monsters jj&m: Aagje plenty: clowns neil duerden: personal kineticmesh 3d: charlie 3d steven bonner: appelberg poked studio: click clever jj&m: Ulf&Gust plenty: doritos pseudonym: chameleon kineticmesh 3d: baileys steven bonner: swan poked studio: sprett jj&m: City of Venlo plenty: Dr Lemon jelly house: chocolate kineticmesh 3d: flowers steven bonner: advanced photoshop poked studio: space exhibition jj&m: the tweets plenty: chevrolet tony wilson: net neil duerden: orange explorer magazine