25 Fantastic Hand-Drawn Creations!

Mon 27 Feb 2012

'Hand drawn' is one of our most popular styles; it featured in our top 3 most requested for 2011! You may be surprised to know that two thirds of our artists are talented hand drawn illustrators, in one style or another, including our most renown artists such as Alison Carmichael, Sandra Suy and Damien Weighill. Hand Drawn style As a versatile medium it's no wonder our clients and fans can't get enough of hand drawn artwork! In the last twelve months our hand drawn styles have featured on websites and social media platforms, print advertising, editorial articles and book covers, packaging - and even TV! We've selected 25 diverse styles of hand drawn artwork from across our roster for you to enjoy. Simply click on each image for more information on the job or artist. If anything catches your eye and you'd like to find out more about our artists or receive a full portfolio (either by email or we'll visit your office!) please get in touch with Hulya or Layla on +44 (0) 207 323 3307 Sandra Suy: Pieces Girl Damien Weighill: Food on the Move Adam Haynes: Pirelli Thea Brine: Granny Steve Scott: Fat Queen jelly house: Rockabilly Gregori Saavedra: Personal - Bike Tony Wilson: Oddbins Poked Studio Matt Johnstone: Surfing Alison Carmichael: The future of Africa Carine Brancowitz: Le Gout SucreÌ, de la Mort David M. Buisan: Ryan Air Magazine Covers Karen Cheung: Future Friendly Jo Bird: Fishy on a Dishy Matt Lyon: Big Fish Job, Joris & Marieke: Happy Camper Sandra Suy: Missoni for Target Gregori Saavedra: Personal Adam Haynes: Adidas David M. Buisan: Hipster Attack Damien Weighill: jelly faces Alison Carmichael: Gold’n Plump Karen Cheung: Character Design Jelly House: Fashion If you want to see more hand drawn styles, click here to see the full portfolio on the website or click here for all hand drawn work on the blog.