A Hyper Island Intern...

Fri 15 Mar 2013

Christoffer, our Hyper Island intern gives us some insight into his experience of working at jelly London and what he is enjoying about London so far... 

 What’s it like being a student at Hyper Island then?

 “Being a student at Hyper Island has been very eye-opening and inspiring! It’s not all about making cool motion graphics though. It’s mostly about group work, collaboration and self insights really. We follow a certain method called the learning spiral which is based on receiving a task, completing it, reflecting upon your own and others behaviours and feelings and how it affects the people around you. After gaining new insights you bring an improved behaviour with you to the next task.

In our group work we give each other very specific feedback on certain things we’ve done or about the certain ways we have behaved. Whilst it’s hard to change your behaviour, stepping out of your comfort zone teaches you to re-approach how you do things. It’s a difficult but at the same time, very rewarding and exploratory journey.”

What made you apply to jelly London?

 “I got pretty tired of Stockholm where I’ve been living for 19 years so I really wanted to go abroad to explore what another creative city has to offer. I’ve heard people talk a lot about how much you learn when you take a chance and move to another country, culturally and artistically.

Well, so far they’ve been right; although London is very different from Sweden and I’m still confused about the tube, jelly London seemed like such a friendly agency, I really wanted to be involved and gain new insights and leanings about the motion and animation industry!”

 What are you enjoying so far?

 “Work wise I have been helping out Sam, the head of motion and we dived straight in on my first day. Focusing primarily on intense infographics with a lot of elements and a tight delivery deadline. It’s really fun and exciting though!

Yesterday, I got Fish and Chips for lunch, first time in my life, and it gets a thumbs up from me! If I am honest, I am a little overwhelmed by all of London so far so it’s hard to put my finger on one thing I have enjoyed as It’s all enjoyable, an enjoyable whirlwind. I really like the tea here. Did you notice that you seem to drink at least 13 cups a day?”