Abduzeedo Interview with Brand Nu

Wed 21 Sep 2011

Brand Nu jelly artist, Brand Nu is one of the most successful and prolific commercial illustrators working today. A few months ago, he answered a few questions for "Graphic Design Inspiration" site, abduzeedo.com. Here's a snippet: How do you see the design industry right now? What's your take on the growth of designers around the world? "The constant fast pace of all creative industries is awe inspiring. Everything and everyone is vying for attention, everything needs to sell in order to be successful. When you look around you, it's a break neck speed without any sign of slowing down. The opposite in fact. Graphic design has been around for since day one, but the leap in digital design and illustration has been immense in the last decade. Now we have tools to turn our wildest ideas into reality." Read more: Interview with Radim Malinic aka Brand Nu | Abduzeedo.