ACHICA celebrates its third birthday with a timeline

Fri 15 Feb 2013

 ACHICA are the leading members-only luxury lifestyle store, offering desirable brands at great prices. By joining the site arty buyers can get their hands on luxurious items for the home, garden and lifestyle every day of the week at a steal. It's a new company concept which works because, well let's face it, we all like nice things. And being connoisseurs of art and design they wanted a visual representation of how they have developed as a company to celebrate their three year anniversary. By illustrating the key moments in their brands development, such as March in 2011, when a Fashion and Accessories category was added to the mix.

They requested to work with Matt Johnston as his quirky style was playful and lent itself to the brand and making their story both beautiful and interesting. ACHICA said that, “despite having a tight turnaround and Matt attending his own stag-do the same weekend, he was able to come back with amendments incredibly speedily and the illustration was a good way to visually engage with ACHICA members and show them just how much has happened in three years.”

We love this piece, a comic, infographic timeline with founders, Will and Quentin perched at the bottom of their art worked enterprise.