Alex Tait goes wild for Jungle

Mon 13 Oct 2014

Rising jelly Futures star Alex Tait didn’t have to think twice about creating an illustration for some of jelly London’s favourite music makers: Jungle. It’s their brand new About page, and of course, what’s better than an illustrated jungle for Jungle?

Well, we’ll tell you what: an illustrated jungle for Jungle that moves. Yes. The Kitchen animated the animals and shrubs to bring the already vibrant visuals to life even more.

Alex was an obvious choice for this collaboration because he’s very fond of drawing animals – and it shows because he’s quite good at it too. He says he enjoys the challenge of simplifying complex animal forms. Alex made a debut giraffe for this drawing, as unbelievably but true, it’s his very first.

Bold colours are Alex’ thing – and for this piece of work he focused on contrast a lot. “I felt this was important because there’s so much going on here. Also, the illustration is meant to be fun and playful, which is reflected in the colours I used here,” he says.