Alison’s in the HOUSE

Mon 01 Jul 2013

Alison Carmichael is the name on every pair of lips right now, picking up more and more high profile commissions, our fiery calligrapher has been sharing the love and her precious, creative pearls of wisdom lately. Firstly she captivated the crowds at an event hosted by agency Identica. She spoke about how she finds inspiration and influences for her typographic work in her childhood passion of vintage Pink Panther cartoon titles, 1960's American sitcoms and comics as well as in her obsessive collecting of "handwriting" and archiving of vintage lettering as creative references.

Following this event, Alison was interviewed and featured in a double page spread for exclusive quarterly creative magazine, "House" which is distributed world-wide to each and every member of Soho House and all the other venues in association. The insightful interview is worth catching if you get a chance. When asked “How does typography establish a mood in advertising or editorial?” Alison remarked that, “Styling is everything. You’re using words and imagery to convey a very specific mood and message in order to sell something to a target demographic. A great deal of research goes into it and so much can be implied with even just something as simple as handwriting – it’s so nuanced. Pressure applied, the slant, spacing, one can convey gender, mood, age, practically that person’s voice.” Which shows just how profoundly a script can effect a message and why Alison has become the master of her craft.