All about Linkedin

Tue 12 Mar 2013

Jelly London were approached by the LinkedIn Head Office to produce a B2B promotional film for their marketing teams to use when pitching Linkedin to media and agency owners as a crucial communications tool to add to their media schedules along with Twitter and Facebook. They wanted us to bring some creativity to their product. Quite simply when a brand needs to appeal to an artistically minded demographic it is important to present one’s own service in a creative way. We therefore explored a number of creative styles over a period of around three months, these concepts went into research as the end product needed to be culturally relevant across the globe but it also had to appeal to an educated and affluent audience of LinkedIn professionals.

The creative ideas and styles developed were then honed down to one specific 2D illustration style of characters along with global iconic buildings that exist within a 3D space. A data stream flows through the narrative showing a connection between Linkedin members and companies and to keep the audience mindful of the brand, the colours were all specified from their brand palette; we used primarily turquoise, grey and white. The artwork was created by jelly house artist, Rob. He worked in Illustrator and supplied all files as vectors for clarity. The animation was undertaken by Sam Burton who is our Head of Motion, he chose to animate in After Effects and used Particles for the Data Stream element. The resulting animation is in the “2.5 D” style, which is popular at the moment when the goal is to add a 3D environment to the piece. The master UK version of the film that we have created forLinkedIn is now being adapted to foreign language versions. SO if you are not already... Get Linkedin jellies!