Behind the scenes of Cheniere's Formula One spot

Wed 29 Jul 2015

jelly London were approached by Mighty Fine Productions to produce a 30 second animated spot for Formula One sponsors, Cheniere.

The American energy company needed an eye catching animation to playout on the large trackside advertising screens at the F1 races in Spain, the UK and USA this year.

Taking the concept of different forms of energy, and the journey of gas to liquid, jelly’s in-house animation team jelly Kitchen decided it would be interesting to create an abstract, eye catching piece to demonstrate the energy using particle formations.

Head of Animation, Sam Burton, created a moodboard to help show the client his vision for the project. The idea being that particles would flow through the piece showing the journey that the energy takes from the pipelines in America, to powering the cities around the world. Using particles also enabled Sam to create and form various shapes and objects along the way.

Sam sketched up a rough storyboard showing the key scenes of the animation and how the particles would flow to form the elements in the piece, such as the Cheniere Oil tanker and the Formula One Car. He says, “I wanted the piece to be a continuous journey which meant keeping the camera moving at all times and avoiding any cuts. The next stage was an animatic to get the timing and flow of the animation correct before I went into the cg production stage.”

To produce the animation, jelly Kitchen used a mixture of Cinema 4D and after effects. The majority of the particles were created in C4D and rendered as multiple passes which were then composited, lit and graded in After Effects. They used a shallow depth of field on the cameras to focus on certain details. Finally, a music track was added to tie the film together.