Blackmeal create animated promo campaign for Pastis 51

Mon 15 Jun 2015

Blackmeal and GOBO Animation Studios have teamed up to create the latest promo campaign for popular French alcohol brand Pastis 51. We spoke to the team about the collaboration and found out how they created the animations, and what the hardest part of the job was.

Firstly, could you translate the ads for us English folk please?
They’re kind of like weather alerts for summer. Pastis 51 is, generally, a spirit that's enjoyed in Summer. So it describes suggested cocktail recipes and the best way to enjoy them.

What was the original brief?
​In France, we have a strict law concerning the advertisement of alcohol which permits us to create videos without the sue of people. Therefore, the brief was very clear: Show the product with a mix of 2D animation and realistic scenes. 

What techniques/software did you use?
We used Illustrator, After Effects and Photoshop, and some 3D stuff. We also worked with Priska (a famous artist in France) for the typography.

What did you enjoy about the job?
We proceeded with a traditional 2D animation which is not common for this type of ad. The result is more alive!

Were there any difficulties?
Because of the traditional 2D animation, we had to draw the mint like 400 times! 

Anything else you can tell us about the job?
We didn't open the bottle we received from the client. Very hard...


Check out the rest of the Pastis videos below:

Pastis 51 Classic

Pastis 51 Rose

Pastis 51 Glacial