Blackmeal's slick 2D animation for Biotherm

Tue 25 Aug 2015

Blackmeal recently worked with Mazarine Digital to create this slick 2D animation for Biotherm, which compares their products to extraordinary human exploits throughout history.

After receiving the script, Blackmeal worked together to create the concept and design, and came up with the idea of using a timeline and a “fake” plan sequence.

Below is an exclusive look behind the scenes at a few interesting WIP files and designs from the project. We also spoke to Alexandre Pilard, Blackmeal’s Business Development Director, about his experience on the job:

“We had a lot of confidence from our client. We were free to create and to go further than the initial brief. The best part for us, was that we had the authorisation from L’Oréal to recreate the packaging in motion!”

Earlier this year, Blackmeal enjoyed huge success following the 2D animated lyric video they created for chart-topping dance artist, Avicii, which has now had over 35 million views on Youtube. We caught up with Blackmeal’s CEO, Matthieu Colombel, to find out his views on the importance of 2D animation:

“Today, every studio needs a good traditional animator in his team, for characters, effects, etc. That's very important. Our objective at Blackmeal is to produce great motion designs. Every project is different and we work in 2D, 3D and live action. We love when all these techniques intersect, but it's really better when you have a traditional animation in your video.”

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