Carmichael hand letters TalkTalk Commercial

Mon 09 Sep 2013

Alison Carmichael crafted the end-frame lettering for TalkTalk’s latest 60" Brand TV spot which was created by Neil and Jay at CHI and was directed by Si and Ad through Academy. The spot shows two characters coming to life and following an epic journey to the TV, for their perfect date. The spin on the traditional love story of boy meets girl on a fun-filled adventure together, is that the characters are made from fabrics within a family home. The cute little spaceman on the wallpaper and the ballerina on a lampshade are loveable characters which ooze delicate warmth and charm. To reflect this sentiment Alison created chiselled, ribbon-writing which harks back to a 1950’s Hollywood romance. After the initial style tests she produced the letters by hand in pencil before filling in the type with marker pen. The final TIF files were then traced in illustrator to create smooth vectors.