Caroline Tomlinson presents Beginnings

Tue 02 Feb 2016

Caroline Tomlinson’s latest self-initiated project, Beginnings, focusses on following her illustrative work progress from start to finish.

Using her heroes from the world of music & fashion as subjects, Caroline has been working on the project in between commissions and exhibiting her work acrosssocial media.

Caroline tells Jelly: “The one thing that ties Beginnings together is that each of the subjects are an inspiration to me, in some form. Sometimes an illustration starts as just a brush stroke, or as a range of sketches in various mediums that then come together to form the final portrait. It varies each time.”

“With this New Year as another new beginning I wanted to share the project as a work in progress., but I have many more I want to work on. I look forward to seeing how many I can get through in 2016!”



Nick Cave



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