Certificate of Creative Excellence is BACK!

Tue 14 Jun 2011

The jelly Certificate of Excellence for Creativity is back, with a vengeance!

Yes, these last few weeks we have presented awards across the advertising industry, to fellow creatives for their fantastic online, print and TV campaigns. Here are our latest winners...

Jammie Dodgers 'Toffee Dodgers' by VCCP
Orange :: Gold Spot :: Mariano Cassisi & Laura Visco at Fallon
Talk Talk :: Homes within homes :: Matt Collier & Wayne Robinson at CHI & Partners
Gü :: Give in to Gü :: Oli Rimoldi & Sigrid Egedal at DDB UK
Jammie Dodgers :: Toffee Dodgers :: Fred Rodwell & Andrew Parsons at VCCP

Land Rover 'Defender passport' by RKCR Y&R
Renault UK :: Mégane Coupé Cabriolet :: Matthew Lancod & Robert Amstell at Publicis Bollinger Global :: Ron Kester :: Nigel Roberts, Simon Toy & Tim Delaney at Leagas Delaney
Rolls-Royce :: Spirit of Ecstasy :: Stephen Timms & Paul Walton at Partners Andrews Aldridge (with photography by Rankin)
Land Rover :: Defender model :: Phil Forster & Tim Brookes at RKCR/Y&R

Range Rover 'being Henry' by The Brooklyn Brothers
ITV :: Injustice :: Simon Pearse & Emmanuel Saint M'Leux at BBH
Volkswagen :: Knowledge is Power :: Henry Scotland at Iris
Selfridges :: Project Ocean :: Liv Wadström at 18 Feet & Rising
Range Rover :: Being Henry :: Simon Dahlgren Straat& Petter Prinz at Brooklyn Brothers