Chris Carboni & Polyester join Jelly London

Thu 10 Mar 2016

We are excited to welcome Director, Chris Carboni, and animation collective, Polyester, to our roster of motion talent.

Chris Carboni is an award-winning director, Carboni, creates work for broadcast media, film, commercial advertising and entertainment. A Brooklyn, NY native, Chris graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2007 where he received a BFA in Film / Animation / Video.

Since then, Chris has dedicated his career to directing original work for clients across a broad range of industries, while also collaborating with some of the very best design and animation studios worldwide. His work has been broadly recognized by a number of media outlets including Indiewire, Motionographer, Stash, and Buzzfeed.

Chris’s design aesthetic is simultaneously fun and sophisticated, and his greatest creative joy comes from telling stories that connect with people. After falling in love with his oh-so-cool, 2D style, we’re delighted to welcome him to Jelly London.

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Polyester are an animation and production studio that create well designed character driven stories with enduring concepts, full of humour and emotion for cinema, broadcast, online, and print media. The Toronto-based team deliver creative and inspiring work on complex projects and remains a hands-on, artist driven shop that strives to give life to an infinity of stories and characters.

Visually, Polyester’s work is bright, bold, colourful, & always evolving. They have worked with the likes of Android / Google, IBM & Toyota, across both animation & illustration campaigns.

With such a diverse approach & wide collection of talent, we’re really excited to be working with Polyester.

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