Christmas Crisis

Mon 12 Dec 2016

At Jelly London, we believe that nobody should spend Christmas alone. That’s why we approached Crisis, the national charity for homeless people, with an idea to help them raise awareness of homelessness and isolation during this festive season.

Crisis provides companionship and support to tackle loneliness, isolation and homelessness, not only during the festive period, but through its year-round services. They report that “one in four homeless people spends Christmas alone” and we’re determined to change that.

With the help of our in-house animation team The Kitchen and Illustrator Steve Scott, we have produced a short, animated film to promote the wonderful work that Crisis do and raise awareness of their services during the charity’s most crucial time of year.

In addition to the film, Jelly London is sending out bespoke packs of Christmas cards, designed exclusively by five of our artists and each featuring information on how to support Crisis. The idea behind the card packs is for people to be able to use and send the Christmas cards to their loved ones around the UK to help spread the word about Crisis.

Special thanks to Gavin Martin Colournet and Jelly London artists Stina Persson, Face37 (RickBanks), Damien Weighill, James Dawe, and especially Steve Scott for offering up their time and services to make our pro bono Christmas campaign possible.

Crisis open their doors every Christmas and offer vital year-round services for the homeless. For more information on how to support Crisis click here.

For more information about homelessness click here.

Animation Credits

Director: The Kitchen

Production Company: Jelly London

Animation: The Kitchen

Art Director: Steve Scott

Producer: Adam Tiratsoo

Illustration: Steve Scott

Composer and Sound Designer: Brendan Crehan

Created in support of Crisis.