Thu 30 Jan 2014

The creative folk at Converse who work in partnership with Google decided to ask a few of the folk involved in the Creative Social collective to create something with a pair of Converse to the theme of ‘Hack A Chuck.’ The aim of the piece was to kick start Converse’s dedicated 'Chuckhackers' Google Plus page, which premiered at Cannes last year and is currently full of wonderful user-generated-content. Converse are also using their Instagram channel to showcase more awesomely creative #chuckhack content.

Flo Heiss and James Cooper came up with this concept whereby parts of the converse sneakers appear to play in tune with a track and ultimately become instruments. Converse helped to find the Frankenberries; an unsigned band whose track, Visual Damage fitted both the concept and the brand to provide the soundtrack and then jelly's Kitchen got involved. The Kitchen animation team were excited by the brand, the message and their idea of stop motion bringing the creative to life in an edgy way.

The Animation: The team started with rough storyboards which were used for generating animatic timings, the next step was to plan each shot. From the start they anticipated that the paint scene would be the most technically challenging, so the team carried out some motion test shots in our partly demolished office space (we were re-fitting the office at the time), finding that in fact Potatoes  - of all the tools available to an artist! -  were the best objects to create the authentic splashes with. By watering down interior paint and precision dropping the potatoes, the team were able to achieve some nice looking paint splashes and perfect their camera angles and movements for each shot. This way, they also gleaned a better idea of how the piece would flow and what speed the animation would work to.

The piece was shot in an underground car park to give it an industrial and grungy look, some frames were re-touched in PhotoShop and the final composition was created in AfterEffects.

Converse Gif