Cut&Paste Blackmeal

Fri 27 Sep 2013

Cut&Paste is an organisation which works to increase relationships between emerging designers, creative companies and the media. Every year they host a signature Digital Design Tournament which is a live, competitive showcase and guess what? This year, jelly London’s animation experts Blackmeal got involved alongside five other incredible teams from Mummu, Fred & Eric, Animade, Territory Studio and Golden Wolf. London's Hero challenges the studios to collaborate in creating an exquisite-corpse style animation, taking the viewer through the entire life of London’s very own superhero. Over the course of four weeks, each team will animate a ten-second portion of the minute-long animation, with each portion representing one stage in the hero’s life. The teams won’t know what the previous team designed or what the next team will do, but the real challenge is completing their segment in a mere five hours. Each team participates in a live, ten minute sketching session on stage to begin fleshing out the hero character, this session is aired live to the crowd and documented online via Computer Arts. During each Creative session over several weeks, the teams will create and animate a ten second clip about a certain stage in the superhero’s life. This event is taking place at HP’s ZED Pop-Up Studio in central SOHO using high-performance workstations and displays - the closing event will take place on the 16th of October, where the final animation is revealed, and the animators talk about their challenges and triumph while you enjoy an open bar and music. Catch #londonshero via twitter to get inspired and involved!