David Bowie: Jelly artists pay tribute to an icon

Mon 11 Jan 2016

The tragic news that David Bowie lost his courageous battle with Cancer at the age of 69 sent shockwaves across the globe.

The iconic entertainer & visionary has, without doubt, influenced each and every creative alive today, and will continue to inspire generations to come.

Many of Jelly's talented artists took to social media to pay tribute to the legendary Starman through their art...

David Bowie, 1947 - 2016

Ziggy Stardust by Si Scott

King Jareth by David Buisan David Bowie Portrait & Sketchbook by Caroline Tomlinson

Bowie by Joe Waldron

Bowie by Kitchen's Jo Ley

Ziggy Stardust by Kitchen's Neil Duerden

Starman by Tony Wilson

Ziggy Stardust GIF by Melvin Galapon