Digital Delights for the Post Office

Wed 24 Sep 2014

At jelly London we have been enjoying an ongoing partnership with creative agency Mindshare for the Post Office while working on some beautiful interactive social media campaigns. Together, we have been able to create leading content in an innovative way that effortlessly inspires audience engagement.

The brief was clear: to show how relevant the Post Office is to holidaymakers. They ran a Twitter campaign sourcing the nation’s best #TravelTips around 5 topics, and it generated phenomenal response.

One of our best and brightest illustrators, Steve Scott, has created a series of illustrations for Twitter that brings to life some of the Post Office’s 27 thousand strong Twitter community’s most original travel tips.

The prominence of images on Twitter has surged since the medium started automatically showing them in our feeds, and most brands are aware that a Tweet without an image is like tuna salad with no mayo. As a result, ways to tell stories and engage with content have expanded and diversified. 

As an additional treat, our in-house animation studio The Kitchen made some of Steve Scott’s illustrations into highly sharable animated GIFs.