Etsy's Manmade: Celebrating men who make

Mon 15 Jun 2015

This weekend, renowned online marketplace Etsy teamed up with Crafty Fox Market and Mr Wingate to create Manmade: a celebration of “men who make.”

Mr Wingate, a self-proclaimed “maker” who designs and sell his own homeware products across London and Etsy, came up with the idea of Manmade to “celebrate the craftsman.” The aim was to inspire more men to get making and to start proudly floggin’ their unique creations.

The event ran across two days at the Old Truman Brewery in the heart of East London, and featured over fifty talented artists and design-makers. There were inspirational talks, workshops and plenty of beautifully hand-crafted works of art to throw your hard-earned cash at.

Amongst the talented bunch of craftsmen, was jelly’s own Jordan Andrew Carter, selling his brilliantly vibrant framed and unframed prints, as well as a selection of greetings cards (for the bargain price of 3 for £5!) Jordan was delighted to be involved with Manmade, describing it as an “indulgence of crafty excellence.”

El Horno was there too, with a wickedly old school print vend machine filled with signed pieces of art, as well as an array of prints, badges and greetings cards.

In the farthest corner of Manmade, we found the dazzling Soft Signs, a range of hand-crafted, custom-made lighting designs from Electrician, Dan Anderson.

Other stand-out stalls included Paper & Wood; nature-inspired creations by the insanely talented and super smiley Zack Mclaughlin, Rodology; intricate hand-made jewellery for men by Roderick Barker-Benfield, and The Rhythm Parlour; a trendy pop-up barbers ran by hair-stylist Ryan MacGregor, where guests were invited for a hair chop & beard trim.

All in all, we were super impressed with Manmade.  We take our hats off to Mr Wingate, Crafty Fox Market and Etsy and hope that the event inspired plenty more gents to get crafty!

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