Face37 Launches Innovative "Type Tester"

Tue 07 Feb 2017

Type artist and designer Rick Banks, aka Face37, has launched a new website for his award-winning F37 font foundry which helps designers test typefaces online.

In order to stand out from the crowd and highlight F37's ever-growing library of fonts, Rick set out to redesign the website to create something "like no other."

Together with digital designer Francis Smith and developer Tom Duncalf, Rick decided to build a site where designers could experiment freely with type, setting the F37 foundry apart from existing font websites which he describes as being "somewhat clunky and restrictive."

By replicating the familiar environment and tools of Illustrator directly in the browser, the "type tester" allows users to move, resize, colourise and rotate pieces of text, as well as adapt the leading, kerning and tracking of the type using familiar menus and shortcuts before purchasing.

"The website is primarily aimed at graphic designers, but we believe that it will also appeal to web designers and developers as a demonstration of the kind of rich, innovative experience that can be built in a web browser using the latest web technologies."

The site is currently only available on desktop, optimally on Chrome.