Free the joy with jelly kitchen’s tasty animations

Fri 27 Feb 2015


The awesome animation team at jelly Kitchen were approached by Elvis Communications to create a series of seven stop motion animations for Cadbury’s this month.

The team had previously worked with Elvis on their successful Cadbury Oreo divers animation for the brands social media. (previous cadburys animation) For this new campaign the animations featured the seven varieties of Dairy milk, and the jelly Kitchen were tasked with developing a brand new visual style. 

The team worked closely with the agency to develop style frames which mixed hand made paper models and photography. Once the style had been agreed the team produced a mock up frame for each of the seven scripts. 

“The idea behind all the scripts was to reveal the flavour of the chocolate in various comical ways, such as dodgems crashing into each other. Once the scripts and animation style was signed off we were then ready to begin animating.”

The nature of stop-motion animation means animating in this sway is time consuming. “We had to be clever with how we animated them. We used a mixture of traditional stop motion as well as animating some of the elements in after effects. There was a lot of compositing needed to create the final scenes and add in the hero chocolate characters.”

“We had a lot of fun creating the animations, and the freedom to work on the sound design really brought the animations to life.”


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