Getting to know... Sawdust

Wed 05 Sep 2012

Ever wanted to find out more about our artists? Who they idolize? Their snacking habits? Or their dream client?

Well, we did! Which is why we posed 10 questions to our roster of talented illustrators and designers to find out more about what makes them tick!

This week we've interviewed Rob Gonzalez from design & lettering producers, Sawdust!

1. Who are your idols?
Too many to list but a few of them are: Milton Glaser, Wim Crouwel, Paul Rand, Alan Fletcher, Cassandre, Ales Najbrt, E. McKnight Kauffer and Herb Lubalin.

2. What’s your favourite snack whilst working?
Brannigans, Roast Beef and Mustard crisps are a bit naughty.

In the Sawdust Studio

3. What’s your favourite music to work to?
I adore the sounds of Stars of the Lid. I enjoy a broad spectrum of music genres but whilst working I definitely prefer atmospheric, cinematic music but with an edge, usually without lyrics.

4. What’s the highlight of your career so far?
I would probably say our studio profile and feature in the current issue of Computer Arts Collection (Typography issue) and being asked to design a custom display typeface for it.

In the Sawdust Studio

5. What was the most stressful job and how did you resolve the problem?
No job is stressful. I am lying of course. Once again, I'd probably say the recent commission for CA Collection was a bit stressful because it required video diaries, which was an entirely new experience for us. We eventually got to a point where we were happy but it takes a heck of a lot of time and effort. We feel better for it though, great experience but certainly very stressful.

In the Sawdust Studio

6. Who’s your dream client?
We recently worked with Nike, which was great — it would be fantastic to do some more stuff with them. Channel4 (or 4Creative) would be an exciting client to work with but in truth, I'm not sure if there is a dream client. The smaller, independent jobs can be every bit as rewarding creatively as the larger client work.

In the Sawdust Studio

7. Describe your work in 3 words.
Clean. Interesting. Unusual.

8. What’s your favourite decade and why?
80's — I was born in 1980 and I love the nostalgia I get from old 80's films, fashion, music, artwork ...

In the Sawdust Studio

9. 3 strange facts about you.
1) I'm a mix of Polish (mother) and Spanish (father) born and grew up in England.
2) I hate touching chocolate.
3) I was obsessed with birds when younger. I liked the colours and the fact they could fly impressed me.

In the Sawdust Studio