Great Graduate Talent

Fri 22 Aug 2014

Every year, hundreds of talented young people with new approaches and pulsating creativity present their best work to the world - yes! It's time for our selection of graduates. Our favourite new blood. Watch this lot.

Marina Muun is a London based rising star as she's been shortlisted for the AOI awards. She does highly distinguishing work with shapes and colours. We met Marina at New Blood 2013 and a year on she’s graduated from Camberwell’s MA course and was invited to exhibit at MTV’s London HQ where we were delighted to see her new work.

Sophisticated and mature typography by Camberwell graduate Rachel Treviling. We were delighted to meet her at the It’s Nice That graduate show in July.

Siobhan Lilian Jasper’s work has an interesting aesthetic that shows she’s at the beginning of very great things.

Lewis Bartlett has an interesting outlook on type and hand printing processes.

Maya Bee's work is hand-embroidered as well as hand-drawn. It's also topical, inspired and good-looking.

Natasha Durley’s illustrations are experimental, abstract and daring too. We’re taken by her colour palette and curious to see more of her work.

Mariana Madriz creates an eccentric blend of the cute with an edge that reveals powerful imagination, and she's excellent with a pencil.