Herne Hill Film Festival

Tue 06 May 2014

The Herne Hill Free Film Festival is a totally free festival for the locals and lovers of Herne Hill with the aim of pulling the community together for a festival of outdoor and indoor great film screenings. CHI&Partners organised the festival and asked some of our creatives to donate an artwork including Alex Tait, Persistent Peril and Joe Waldron too. We love them and cannot wait to get down to Herne Hill.

CHI&Partners said of this project: “It was a pleasure to work with such talented illustrators for this great project. We wanted to capture the beauty of film and communicate our rich variety of films on show during the festival, whilst linking them to the Herne Hill area. Creating bespoke individual posters means each poster has great character and a style that really brings the festival and their films to life. Everyone sees film differently and we've communicated this idea through these posters. They've already been well received in the local bars and café's helping to draw in the crowds for the festival. Well done and thank you chaps!”