HIBU's exciting illustrative re-brand by Matt Lyon

Wed 12 Feb 2014

HIBU has undergone an exciting “illustrative” re-brand. The company has launched an online store to help small and medium sized businesses create desktop and mobile websites, online and Facebook stores, domain names and digital marketing. Matt Lyon was commissioned to provide some illustrative assets for the campaign. So how did he do it? Matt started with the drawings, aspiring to create stylised butterfly shapes that focused on flat coloured patterns. He then re-drew the shapes in Illustrator, experimenting with a selection of colour treatments that included minimal duo-colours, a HIBU colour scheme as well as a poetic full colour version. Once the chosen butterfly shapes were selected by the client, Matt added further colours and texture which gave the designs a more tangible quality. So watch out for Matt’s artwork on-line and in print all over the UK as the launch campaign continues.