Hyundai Thinking with Kineticmesh

Wed 24 Aug 2011

jelly house directors, Kineticmesh have produced two loopable animations for global motor company, Hyundai's 'Hyundai Thinking' website.

Kineticmesh, known for their 3D & CGI creations, developed two flash animations: The first (above) is 'smoke' or exhaust emissions being pumped from a car exhaust pipe, used as the background of "HOW CAN WE GO EVEN FURTHER TO REDUCE EMISSIONS?"

The second (below) is a realistic, 3D robotic arm used as the background of "WE BUILD OUR OWN ROBOTS" (answering "HOW CAN WE GUARANTEE QUALITY?").

Kineticmesh - Robots

The "fifth largest car manufacturer in the world" has developed this website to answer four difficult questions with "forward-thinking ideas and solutions" highlighting their "responsibilities to their customers, society and the environment."

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