In Focus: Steve Scott creates quirky illustrations

Fri 06 Mar 2015

We’ve all seen illustration transform a brief, but you may not have seen a collaboration quite like this.

Working with big names like Volvo, Channel 4 and Wired magazine, Steve Scott is known for his fresh, contemporary images with a nod towards the retro.

Some companies shy away from illustration, scared to dip their toe into the unknown, unaware of the potential to transform their company, but not this one.

Venner Shipley, a patent and trade mark attorneys asked jelly's Steve Scott to create a series of character illustrations for their company re-brand. In response Steve created beautiful, well considered, but fun illustrations that reflected the various aspects of the company. We take our hats off to Venner Shipley for being pioneers, bold enough to make a statement with illustration, and stand out amongst a sea of dull, dry corporate campaigns.

What do you think of Steve's Venner Shipley illustrations? Which is your favourite?

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