Introducing Director Steve Scott

Wed 25 May 2016

After representing Steve Scott as an illustrator for over six years, we are now thrilled to welcome him to our animation roster!

Steve has been working in the creative industry for over fifteen years. Since he first joined Jelly London's illustration roster back in 2010, he has worked on projects for the likes of Royal Mail, Winkreative and Egelnick & Webb, and featured in magazines such as Monocle and Wired.

Over the years, Steve has also built an impressive and diverse animation portfolio, directing spots for Britain’s Got Talent (above), ITV, Eon, Volvo, Burberry, and even Led Zeppelin. His strong illustration background brings a certain “je ne sais quoi” to his concepts, ideas & designs, making him a desirable candidate for any creative team.

As a director, Steve is also brilliantly adaptable and open minded. He adores collaborating with other animators, and enjoys embracing many different styles and techniques.

One of our favourite pieces from Steve's portfolio is Time's the Charm for John Lobb. Steve directed the spot for the stylish shoemaker using a mixture of 2D and 3D animation. It follows a sophisticated John Lobb customer through a beautiful, hazy London. Watch here.

Steve's charming Birds animation for Volvo's V40 campaign is also a must watch, along with Exos, a stunningly eerie, Victorian-esque animation created as part of the Psst! Pass It On Festival.

We’re over the moon to be representing Steve across both animation & illustration, and looking forward to building new and exciting partnerships. If you fancy working with him, please get in touch.