Introducing: Plenty

Thu 12 Apr 2012

Say hello to our new illustration team, Plenty! Plenty illustrators  Title/Campaign: Families Client: Acumar Year: 2012 Plenty, an art and motion direction company based in Buenos Aires, are an elite team integrated by designers, illustrators, 2D animators and 3D artists. Their intensive work on art direction and design allows them to integrate print and motion campaigns. Plenty illustrators  Title/Campaign: Fun Client: Nickelodeon Year: 2012 Playful and colourful are some of their main drivers, although they are keen to try new aesthetics and techniques. They have worked for a wide range of companies both local and global as Schweppes, Doritos, Personal, Chevrolet, Nick, Gancia, Nike, Nextel, Fox, Axn, and MTV amongst others. You can see their full illustrative portfolio on our website here! Plenty illustrators  Title/Campaign: Characters Client: Doritos Year: 2012 Plenty illustrators  Title/Campaign: Vacaciones Y Auto Client: Chevrolet Year: 2012