Is Surgery the ONLY Option?

Tue 11 Dec 2012

McCANN Health are huge fans of Jelly’s outstanding directors Rumpus. So when they received a super brief from creative director Matt Broughton to create three short films to promote the services of one of their most high-profile health care clients at the ECTRIMS event in Lyon, France, they thought – why not animate?

Drawing on sensitive issues that affect many of us - or those closest to us – Rumpus have crafted heartfelt animations with the assistance of James Lancett using muted colours and stylized characters which portray a range of facial expressions to engage the sensitivity of the viewer. Rumpus are most at home animating chubby little cartoon characters that fall over or break things so this was a challenging task for them stylistically.

Each animation was created in Flash and After Effects was used to add light and shade to the scenes; a clever split screen allows the viewer to perceive how the healthier choices that patients make in the ‘today’ directly affect the outcome of ‘the future’. 

An emotive little creation to promote a great cause.