Is Vintage Animation Art your Thing?

Tue 29 Jan 2013

Art Buyer, Angela Murray works for ACHICA and has recently been indulging her time old passion for original animated artworks. We found this interesting as it is quite a rare opportunity for vintage artwork to be sold through a flash sales website. Angela has been working closely with the guardians of various prestigious collections for months in order to obtain the strongest artwork for this special collection.  Angela said she found the artworks from a supplier who collects nostalgic art and looked at the prints not only as owning a piece of nostalgia but also as an investment acquisition. These original pieces take us jellies back to our childhoods - they were crafted respectively in the studios of Walt Disney, Warner Bros and Hanna Barbera. We think it’s pretty nice to reflect back on how far animation has come and it would be even nicer if ACHICA let us take one home with us to jelly London’s HQ - don’t you think?